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Best cheap dishwasher deals for April 2021

We've pooled together some of the best cheap dishwasher deals going right now on our favorite retailers.Read More

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NASA's Mars helicopter becomes the first aircraft to New! 2021-04-19 08:43:43NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter has completed its initial flight, marking the first time an aircraft has flown on another planet.

The UK is considering starting a digital currency New! 2021-04-19 08:35:46The Bank of England and HM Treasury are jointly exploring a central bank digital currency that would co-exist alongside traditional cash and deposits.

Positive Grid Spark Pearl review: A high-tech guitar New! 2021-04-19 08:30:41The Positive Grid Spark is one of, if not the most high-tech practice amp out there and packs a lot of versatility for $299.

Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are at all-time low New! 2021-04-19 07:55:29You can now pickup Fitbit's Sense smartwatch for $249, the cheapest price we've seen yet.

The Morning After: Amazon cancels its 'Lord of New! 2021-04-19 07:30:30Today’s headlines: New York caps the cost of broadband for low-income families, Amazon cancels its Lord of the Rings RPG and two die in Tesla cr

Manager of prominent Fin7 hacking group sentenced to New! 2021-04-19 07:05:06The manager of a hacking group known as Fin7 has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in an international cybercrime operation that targe

Amazon's Fire HD 8 and Blink Mini camera New! 2021-04-19 06:15:41Amazon is offering its Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet and Blink Mini security camera bundle for $75 as part of a limited time deal.

Sony's FlavorGraph uses AI to predict which ingredients New! 2021-04-19 05:29:35AI has gone into games and self-driving with mixed success, but now it's trying its hand at cooking.

New York caps the cost of broadband for New! 2021-04-19 03:29:23New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill requiring all internet service providers (ISPs) to offer $15 per month broadband for low-income users

Audi unveils its A6 e-tron concept ahead of New! 2021-04-19 01:00:09At the biannual Auto Shanghai 2021 expo this week, Audi provided a sparkly peek at its future EV plans with the official debut of its new A6 e-tron

US investigates code testing hack that could affect New! 2021-04-18 17:55:06The US is investigating a hack at Codecov that could affect thousands of companies, including Proctor & Gamble and GoDaddy.

Two die in Tesla crash with no one 2021-04-18 16:02:59Two men have died in a Tesla crash where no one appeared to be in the driver's seat.


Tips to Make Recovering From Surgery or Illness 2021-04-16 09:00:00Embracing the tools that let us live and work in a pandemic made a recent recovery much easier. Here's what I learned.

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Come Cry With Us on Gadget Lab’s 500th 2021-04-16 07:00:00This week, we mark a major milestone by inviting our podcast’s past co-hosts to share their memories of working on the show. It’s equal pa

Cord-Cutting Isn't About Saving Money. It's About Control 2021-04-16 07:00:00Making the switch to streaming used to be a way to pay only for what you watched. Those days are long gone.

DJI's New Drone Makes Aerial Cinematography a Breeze 2021-04-15 09:00:00A better image sensor and more AI-powered video smarts make the Air 2S one of the best drones you can buy.

Google Earth Now Shows You Our Planet’s Slow 2021-04-15 09:00:00A new time-lapse video feature in Google Earth lets users see how humans have reshaped the globe over the decades.

How to Use Smart Lighting to Transform Your 2021-04-15 08:00:00Is your child scared of the dark? These tech tips can help vanquish the monsters in the closet—or create good vibes for teens.

This Coffee Brewer Uses a Vacuum to Make 2021-04-15 07:00:00This innovative brewer uses a vacuum pump to filter your coffee, resulting in a cleaner, less bitter cup.

This WIRED-Approved Heated Massage Gun Is on Sale 2021-04-14 13:30:00The SKG F5 is a much more affordable Theragun alternative, and it even adds heat to help relax your tight muscles. It's 40 percent off.

These Are the 9 Android Phones Worth Buying 2021-04-14 10:00:00Shopping for a new phone can be an ordeal. Let us take some of the pain out of it with these picks and tips.

Tonal's Home Gym Is Made for Folks Who 2021-04-14 09:00:00In a market dominated by home cardio workout machines, Tonal concentrates on strength-building and muscle toning.

Brompton’s Folding Ebike Is Stylish but Sluggish 2021-04-14 08:00:00The weak, inefficient electric assist on the company’s classic and compact bike is just dead weight.

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Popular software development tool Docker gets Apple M1 2021-04-15 17:39:18Another one of the most popular development tools now supports the M1.

US government strikes back at Kremlin for SolarWinds 2021-04-15 16:17:39Treasury Department says it's sanctioning 6 Russian firms for supporting the hacks.

Google Earth is now a 3D time machine 2021-04-15 12:17:14Google puts 20 petabytes of historical satellite data into the Google Earth globe.

Intel, Nvidia, TSMC execs agree: Chip shortage could 2021-04-15 10:30:59Companies reeling from natural disasters and massive demand from OEMs, consumers.

What to expect from Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event 2021-04-14 17:35:39This event is mysterious, but we're confident iPads will figure prominently.

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile kill their cross-carrier RCS 2021-04-14 12:28:15Carriers reveal they've wasted the last 18 months pretending to do an RCS rollout.

Oculus Quest 2 gets official wireless-VR mode, 120 2021-04-14 10:37:27Vague dates, stern warnings, and Facebook's aspiration to VR-ize your home office.

Dell’s all-new Inspiron laptop lineup includes a new 2021-04-14 06:45:25New Inspiron lineup includes a 14 2-in-1, and 13-, 14-, 15-, and 16-inch laptops.

iOS users—and only iOS users—face NSFW content ban 2021-04-13 15:56:20App Store rules seemingly lead to tighter restrictions for Apple users.

Spring Loaded: Apple announces April 20 event 2021-04-13 13:30:04A new iPad Pro is expected, among other announcements.

Google is killing “Google Play Movies & TV” 2021-04-13 12:07:23Smart TV users get pushed to YouTube, other OSes get Google TV or Play Movies.

Roku’s latest streaming device gives 4K, HDR, and 2021-04-13 09:00:35Plus new Roku OS updates and a revised two-in-one streaming soundbar.

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