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18th of July 2018


How Is a Parent Like a Superhero? - The Good Men Project

—What superpowers do you need the most?

You probably think of a good parent as loving, supportive, present, and empathetic. When you list the top qualities that parents need, persistence usually isn’t one of them. But why the hell not?

Persistence is the “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Persistence plays a huge role in our personal lives and helps us be effective caretakers and positive role models for our children. We all want a “smooth ride” but instead we get the inevitable bumps, challenging turf, and the occasional blockade. Learn how you can accept the less-than-pleasant moments on your journey, how to put on your darn cape, dance with the bee that may bite you, and fudgin’ PERSIST. That’s how you can treat your children to the best of what the life buffet has to offer.

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