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“ I told Abiy: ‘You are immature. You 2019-03-30 13:00:11Financial Times: African politics፡ Ethiopian ethnic rivalries threaten Abiy Ahmed’s reform agenda Premier’s stellar reputa

“Addis Ababa should not be administered by a 2019-03-30 12:17:04I think nonpolitical leaders should come to office through private competition and excellence than party membership” The current leadership in r

Ethiopian Plane Crash and Western Media Coverage |By 2019-03-30 09:21:59If there were no Lion Air crash Flight 610 involving Boeing 737MAX, the same aircraft type that was also involved in the Ethiopian Airlines, there are

Boeing’s stall-prevention feature activated in Ethiopian crash: report 2019-03-30 09:14:42| BY RACHEL FRAZIN|  Investigators believe a stall-prevention feature on a Boeing 737 Max plane was activated shortly before it crashed in Ethiop

The Chicken Littles Are Clucking, “The Sky is 2019-03-30 08:19:40Author’s Note: In this commentary, I try to explain to my readers why on the eve of PM Abiy Ahmed’s stellar first year anniversary th

Ethiopia: both Berhanu & Eskinder can be right 2019-03-30 08:14:35As the governing ideology of tribal politics and ethnic-federalism in Ethiopia continue to cause misery, displacement, death and destruction nationwid

The Ethiopian Elites Have Failed to Follow The 2019-03-23 05:05:40In the western world,  you have to produce astounding  resume to get a decent job.  To reassure the job offer, you have to provide refe

Ethiopian demand Washington Post apology for “baseless and 2019-03-23 04:46:40By Socrates Mbamalu on March 22, 2019 — Following flight ET302 crash, the Washington Post and New York Times continue to blame Et

Remembering the Sharpeville (South Africa) and Meles Massacres 2019-03-23 04:36:28Special Author’s Note: For the past few years, I have written  commemorative commentaries on the Sharpeville Massacre of March 21, 196

Ethiopian Jews: Israeli premier Netanyahu ‘racist’ (Seleshi Tessema) 2019-03-20 06:31:53Ethiopian Jewish community decries Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for not allowing settle in Israel ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia On a bright Sunday mo

How to snatch defeat from the jaws of 2019-03-20 06:17:46Despite all rumors of impending doom I am not worried or afraid Ethiopia will disintegrate into pieces in the immediate future. It has been tried befo

Has the Federal Government Succumbed to Sidama Extremists?  (Damo 2019-03-16 11:06:33Sidama extremists have raised their ante to a new level. Within a week, they have committed two illegal (crimes) activities and are bracing for more.

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PM lauds results, braces to address forex, deficit 2019-04-01 10:46:40This week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) gave his second press conference since he came to power a year ago. To the surprise of few, the economy was

Turkish company finally pays nearly 2.1 billion birr 2019-04-01 09:27:37The Turkish multinational construction company, Yapi Merkezi, which is building the 389km long Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway, agreed to pay 2.1

Condo hopefuls want do-over 2019-04-01 09:26:46A group of people who has saved their 40/60 condo payments has formed a committee and  suing  Commercial Bank of Ethiopia  who is on th

Fate of 13,000 project offices workers still undecided 2019-04-01 08:34:16The Addis Ababa City Administration which is in the final stages of restructuring its human resources based on its new Business Process Reengineering

Binding Tariff Information underutilized in Ethiopia 2019-04-01 08:34:10A year ago, Ethiopia implemented a system, used by the EU, known as Binding Tariff Information (BTI). However, importers have found it difficult to us

IF NOT CAREFUL WE CAN LOSE ETHIOPIA 2019-04-01 08:24:31Everybody in Ethiopia wants a solution to the current political problem …and something that works. Unfortunately there can be no solutions unti

RESISTING THE NEW ARISTOCRACY 2019-04-01 08:22:39The last three decades of market oriented policies in Ethiopia have given us a society where cause and effects have become quite incongruent. Generall

Retirement age increased for educators 2019-04-01 08:16:07The Ministry of Education is drafting a proclamation to increase the retirement age for academic staff. Under the new rule educators will be able to a

Abay Bank’s innovative way to give back 2019-04-01 08:03:03Abay Bank is introducing a new way people can save money to help others. The bank which opened its doors around a decade ago, has introduced a charita

Intellectual property rights permitted for bank loan collateral 2019-04-01 07:33:07Assuming it is ratified by the House of People’s Representatives, patent rights could soon be used as collateral for bank loans. A draft proclam

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